Book 4 Chapter 4 of Tom Jones.

This is part of an ongoing project in which I will record and post one chapter per week of Henry Fielding's Tom Jones over the course of four years.

Okay, the story of the bird is behind us, time to move on and find out what happens when Tom enlists Sophia's help in convincing her father to help Black George, right?

Nope, first we need the peanut gallery, in the form of Thwackum and Square to debate, not which of the two boys was right (they both agree it was Blifil), but rather whether Blifil was using philosophy or religion when he "freed" Sophia's bird.

Squire Western provides the voice of common sense, in pointing out that Blifil stole Sophia's bird and got it killed, but neither Square nor Thwackum is a consequentialist.

AuthorMark Turetsky