Back in 2010, I got the manuscript for a quirky audiobook that I'd be narrating at Recorded Books about a Star Wars finger puppet that may or may not be magical. I made a comment about it on Twitter and within a few minutes, had heard from the book's author, Tom Angleberger. Tom's twitter account, @OrigamiYoda, at the time was simply posing as a character from the book, and I wasn't entirely sure who I was communicating with, but I made a joke about commas, and a friendship was born.

Well, four years and 5 books later, the final entry in the saga, Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus, has been released, and Tom has joined the cast of audiobook narrators to provide the voice of Dwight, the creator of the series' eponymous puppet. Tom and I have met in person a few times, the latest being last week when Tom recorded his chapter. After his session was done, we piled into the recording booth in Recorded Books' legendary Studio 6 (where George Guidall has recorded over a million or so books), along with audiobook director Stephen Bartolomei, who interviewed us. Stephen also edited out all of my awkward pauses, and my answering questions with "ummmm," which I thought added a lot to the interview. Oh well, c'est la vie.

AuthorMark Turetsky