Town Is By The Sea

AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award

Turetsky has an even tone. Each word, phrase, and thought stands out as he describes the salty smell of the air and the dilapidated swings, undersea mining and the boy’s belief that he will be a miner, too, when he is grown.
— AudioFile Magazine Review

From the Publisher:

A young boy wakes up to the sound of the sea, visits his grandfather's grave after lunch and comes home to a simple family dinner, but all the while his mind strays to his father digging for coal deep down under the sea. Stunning illustrations by Sydney Smith, the award-winning illustrator of Sidewalk Flowers, show the striking contrast between a sparkling seaside day and the darkness underground where the miners dig.

With curriculum connections to communities and the history of mining, this beautifully understated and haunting story brings a piece of history to life. The ever-present ocean and inevitable pattern of life in a maritime mining town will enthrall children and move adult readers.